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According to Articles 75 and 76.7 of the Federal Law ‘On the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)’, the Bank of Russia shall keep databases on persons holding executive positions in financial institutions (candidates for such positions), other employees and other persons whose activity contributed to damaging the financial position of an institution or to violations of legislation.

Information on violations shall be entered in databases for the period of 10 years — for violations committed during employment in a credit institution, and for the period of 5 years — for violations committed during employment in a non-bank financial institution. Though the law provides for the possibility of a ‘life-long’ ban on holding positions to which the respective requirements for business reputation apply, on holding shares (stakes) or on controlling shareholders (participants), this concerns only credit institutions and solely for two reasons: the criminal liability of a person by force of an effective court order for illegal actions during the bankruptcy of a credit institution or deliberate and/or fictitious bankruptcy of a credit institution; and also a repeated violation of the requirements for business reputation.

A person shall be entitled to apply to the Bank of Russia for information about his/her personal data (if any) in the database comprising information about persons whose business reputation has been recognised as non-compliant with legislative requirements.

Individuals who have confirmed accounts may file such requests in an online mode via the Public Services Portal. Replies will be generated automatically.

An individual may also file requests directly to the Bank of Russia for information about the presence of his/her personal data in the database. In this case, the applicant will receive a reply in writing within seven business days.

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Last updated on: 10.09.2020