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Investment Finance Intermediation Department

The Investment Finance Intermediation Department regulates and supervises the activities of financial market participants that provide investment services, including management companies, non-governmental pension funds (NPFs), joint-stock investment funds (JSIFs), unit investment funds (UIFs), agents for the issuance, redemption and exchange of investment units, mortgage pool managers, professional securities market participants — brokers, dealers, FX dealers, securities trustees, and investment advisers. The Department also controls the operation of the self-regulatory organisations (SROs) of the above listed market players.

As part of its remit, the Department prepares Bank of Russia regulations, drafts laws, ensures compliance with laws by professional securities market participants, collective investment market participants (except specialised depositories) and their SROs, and applies enforcement measures if any violations are detected. Jointly with other units of the Bank of Russia, the Department takes efforts to suppress and discourage misconduct in the financial market.

The key objectives of the Department are to ensure the financial sustainability of securities market and collective investment market participants, and to protect the rights and legitimate interests of their clients.

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Last updated on: 23.11.2021