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On 19 October 2021, the Bank of Russia issues commemorative coins ‘Masha and the Bear’ of the 'Russian (Soviet) Animation' series:

— a silver coin in the denomination of 3 rubles;

— base metal coins in the denomination of 25 rubles (including with a coloured coating).

The coin features characters of the famous Russian animation series: the little girl Masha and her friend the Bear, a former circus artist. They are shown against the background of a room in the Bear’s house, where the cheerful and resourceful girl likes to play. The series was released in 2009. Over the period of several years, it gained popularity not only in this country, but also in Europe, the US, China, Canada, Latin America, the Middle East and other countries. The secret of its success is that various funny situations encountered by the characters are close and well-known to all families with small children, no matter what languages they speak. Avoiding boring notations, the series uses an easy and humour-coloured way to show the difference between the good and the bad, the useful and the harmful.

Description of the precious metal coin:

The silver 3-ruble coin (fine precious metal content 31.1 g, fineness 925/1,000) has a round shape and is 39.0 mm in diameter.

The obverse and the reverse of the coin have a relief rim along the circumference.

The obverse of the coin features a relief image of the national emblem of the Russian Federation and the inscriptions: ‘РОССИЙСКАЯ ФЕДЕРАЦИЯ’ (RUSSIAN FEDERATION) and ‘БАНК РОССИИ’ (BANK OF RUSSIA), the coin denomination ‘3 РУБЛЯ’ (3 RUBLES), the year of issue ‘2021 г.’ (2021), the chemical symbol of the metal according to Mendeleev’s Periodic Table of Elements, fineness, the St. Petersburg Mint trademark, and fine metal content.

The reverse of the coin (Catalogue No. 5111-0451) has a coloured image of the characters of ‘Masha and the Bear’ animation film against the background of a relief image of the interior of the Bear’s house; at the top, there is a coloured inscription: ‘Маша и Медведь’ (Masha and the Bear).

The edge of the coin is corrugated.

The coin is minted in proof quality.

The mintage of the coin is 7.0 thousand pcs.

Description of the base metal coins:

The base metal coins in the denomination of 25 rubles have a round shape and are 27.0 mm in diameter.

The obverse and the reverse of the coins have a relief rim around the circumference.

The edges of the coins are corrugated.

The obverse of the coins features a relief image of the national emblem of the Russian Federation and a semicircular inscription along the rim: ‘РОССИЙСКАЯ ФЕДЕРАЦИЯ’ (RUSSIAN FEDERATION) framed with paired diamonds on both sides, to the right there is the Moscow Mint trademark, in the middle under the emblem there is a three-line inscription ‘БАНК РОССИИ’ (BANK OF RUSSIA), the coin denomination ‘25 РУБЛЕЙ’ (25 RUBLES), and the year of issue ‘2021 г.’ (2021).

The reverse:

— of the coin ‘Masha and the Bear’ (Catalogue No. 5015-0061) has a relief image of the characters of ‘Masha and the Bear’ animation film inside the Bear’ house, at the top there is an inscription ‘Маша и Медведь’ (Masha and the Bear);


— of the coin ‘Masha and the Bear’ with a coloured coating (Catalogue No. 5015-0062) has a coloured image of the characters of the ‘Masha and the Bear’ animation film against the background of a relief image of the interior of the Bear’s house, at the top there is an inscription: ‘Маша и Медведь’ (Masha and the Bear).


The mintage:

— of 25-ruble coins is 850.0 thousand pcs;

— of 25-ruble coins with a coloured coating is 150.0 thousand pcs.

The new coins are legal tender of the Russian Federation and are mandatory for acceptance at their face value for all kinds of payments without any restrictions.

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