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Bank of Russia Board of Directors decides on inclusion of securities on Bank of Russia Lombard List

17 February 2021
Press release

According to the Bank of Russia Board of Directors’ decision, the following securities have been included on the Bank of Russia Lombard List:

  • Moscow Region internal bonds with Issue State Registration Number RU35016MOO0;
  • government bonds of the Sverdlovsk Region with Issue State Registration Number RU34010SVS0;
  • exchange-traded bonds of State Company Russian Highways with Issue Registration Number 4B02-01-00011-T-003P;
  • exchange-traded bonds of Public Joint-stock Company Moscow Integrated Power Company with Issue Registration Number 4B02-04-55039-E-001P;
  • exchange-traded bonds of Sistema Public Joint-stock Financial Corporation with Issue Registration Number 4B02-17-01669-A-001P;
  • government bonds of the Chelyabinsk Region with Issue State Registration Number RU35001CLB0.

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