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Bank of Russia Bulletin released

9 December 2020
Press release

Bank of Russia Bulletin No. 99 (2235) of 9 December 2020 has been released.

The Bulletin presents a review of key indicators of the domestic foreign cash market in September 2020.

The Credit Institutions section lists credit institutions complying with the requirements of resolutions of the Russian Federation Government as of 1 November 2020.

The issue contains quantitative characteristics of the banking sector of the Russian Federation as of 1 December 2020.

The Bulletin publishes the following Bank of Russia orders:

No. OD-1994, dated 02.12.2020, on amending the Appendix to Bank of Russia Order No. OD-1714, dated 23 October 2020;

No. OD-1994, dated 02.12.2020, on amending the Appendix to Bank of Russia Order No. OD-1847, dated 13 November 2020;

No. OD-2005, dated 04.12.2020, on the revocation of the banking licence from the Moscow-based credit institution CB Euro-Asian Investment Bank LLC;

No. OD-2006, dated 04.12.2020, on appointing the provisional administration to the Moscow-based credit institution CB Euro-Asian Investment Bank LLC due to the revocation of its banking licence;

No. OD-2009, dated 04.12.2020, on the cancellation of the banking licence of the credit institution JSC MCB DOM-BANK (Moscow Region, town of Domodedovo).

The Non-bank Financial Institutions section publishes the following Bank of Russia orders:

No. OD-2003, dated 03.12.2020, on the revocation of the insurance licences from National Insurance Group ROSENERGO Limited Liability Company;

No. OD-2004, dated 03.12.2020, on amending Bank of Russia Order No. OD-1974, dated 30.11.2020;

No. OD-2007, dated 03.12.2020, on the revocation of the insurance broker licence from A.G. Insurance Broker Limited Liability Company.

The issue presents consolidated data on financial market sectors and information notices by the Bank of Russia.

The Official Documents section publishes the following materials:

Bank of Russia Ordinance No. 5597‑U, dated 19 October 2020, ‘On the Procedure for Russian Banks to Apply to Tax Authorities to Register an

Organisation Recognised as a Bank in Accordance with the Legislation of the Foreign State, Where Such Bank Is Registered, or to Amend Information about Such Organisation on the Grounds Stipulated by Clause 4.9 of Article 83 and Clause 3 of Article 84 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation’ (becomes effective 10 days after its official publication; posted on the Bank of Russia website on 03.12.2020); 

Bank of Russia Ordinance No. 5598‑U, dated 20 October 2020, ‘On Amending Bank of Russia Ordinance No. 4902‑U, Dated 12 September 2018, ‘On the List of Documents to Be Protected by Insurers and the Requirements for the Safety of These Documents’ (becomes effective 10 days after its official publication, excluding an individual Subclause which has another effective date; posted on the Bank of Russia website on 07.12.2020).

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