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How to develop sustainable development strategy: Bank of Russia’s recommendations

16 January 2024

The Bank of Russia offered public joint-stock companies (PJSCs) and issuers a methodology for developing sustainable development and climate transition strategies.

To remain competitive in the domestic and global markets, it is important that Russian companies transform their business processes taking into consideration the sustainable development agenda. Thus, Russian companies will be able to achieve greater business sustainability, strengthen their market positions, boost sales by developing new market segments, and enhance their reputation.

The Bank of Russia recommends that companies identify priority goals and key indicators, as well as develop projects aimed at achieving them, when they outline their sustainable development and climate transition strategies. The availability of such strategies will allow PJSCs and issuers to consider ESG factors and sustainable development issues more effectively when organising corporate governance.

The above recommendations also form a methodological basis for preparing issuance documentation for sustainable development and climate transition bonds.

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