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Operation schedule and required reserve averaging periods

The calendar for the required reserve averaging periods

Bank of Russia Operations Schedule

Operations conducted by the Bank of Russia on a regular basis are presented in this section.

The Bank of Russia conducts fine-tuning 1- to 6-day repo auctions and 1- to 2-day USD/RUB and EUR/RUB buy/sell FX swap auctions irregularly, as well as auctions to provide loans secured by non-marketable assets with maturity more than 3 months. The Bank of Russia publishes information on these operations on its website.

1-week repo and deposit auctions

1-week auctions are the main instrument for managing banking sector liquidity. The type of auction — repo or deposit — is determined based on the banking sector liquidity forecast. In view of the transition to structural liquidity surplus of the banking sector in the beginning of 2017 the Bank of Russia will conduct 1-week deposit auctions. In case the decision to conduct the repo auction instead of 1-week deposit auction is taken the correspondent information will be released on the Bank of Russia website the day preceding to the auction conduction date.

1-month and 1-year ruble repo auctions

1-month and 1-year ruble repo auctions are aimed at reducing the maturity mismatch in the banking sector against the backdrop of shrinking liquidity surplus and decreasing maturity of banks’ liabilities.

3-month auctions to provide loans secured by non-marketable assets at a floating interest rate

FX repo auctions

Standing facilities to provide and absorb liquidity

Standing facilities to provide overnight loans, 1-day lombard loans, 1- to 549-days loans secured by non-marketable assets and guarantees, 1- to 549-days loans secured by gold, 1-day fixed rate repo and USD/RUB sell/buy FX swaps are available each business day.

Overnight standing deposit facilities are available each business day.

Conduction of the mentioned operations on holidays and non-business days is assigned by individual Bank of Russia normative acts that are published on the Bank of Russia website.

Department responsible for publication: Monetary Policy Department
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