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Date of rate 22/07/2021 23/07/2021
RUONIA, % 5.70 5.75
Transactions volume in the RUONIA, bln. rubles 511.10 544.68
Number of transactions, units 78 68
Number of the RUONIA participants who conducted transactions in the given day, units 22 21
Minimum rate, % 5.35 5.35
25th percentile of rates, % 5.65 5.70
75th percentile of rates, % 5.70 5.75
Maximum rate, % 5.80 5.85
Status of calculation Standard Standard
Date of publication 23/07/2021 26/07/2021

Any information on the RUONIA rate published by the Bank of Russia on its website is publicly available and is therefore allowed to be reproduced in any mass media, on internet servers, or any other media. The terms for the usage and reproduction of this information. If reproduced, the reference to the Bank of Russia website as the source of information on RUONIA is mandatory. The Bank of Russia is not responsible for any data on the RUONIA rate published in any sources other than its website.

Department responsible for publication: Statistics Department
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