The program of the international workshop on economic research entitled ‘Macroeconomic Models for Central Banks: Challenges and Perspectives’

Bank of Russia Working Paper Series


Macro-financial linkages: the role of liquidity dependence

Effect of Banking Sector Resolution on Competition and Stability

Real-time determination of credit cycle phases in emerging markets


Solving DSGE models with stochastic trends

The equilibrium interest rate: a measurement for Russia

A note on money creation in emerging market economies

Nowcasting of the Russian GDP Using the Current Statistics: Approach Modification

Analytical Notes


The Effect of Financial Shock on Russian Short-term Equilibrium Interest Rates

Consumer lending in Russia: prospects and risks based on household finance survey

Exchange rate and competitiveness of the economy • May 2017


Money stock composition and inflation risks • May 2016

Measuring Domestically Generated Inflation • May 2016

Deposit dollarization and national currency depreciation in Russia and Kazakhstan • February 2016

Macroeconomic Bulletins

Bulletin ‘Talking Trends’

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