Bank of Russia International Research Conference ‘Macroprudential Policy Effectiveness: Theory and Practice’

The Bank of Russia is hosting its International Research Conference in Saint Petersburg on July 3, 2019. The topic of the conference is ‘Macroprudential Policy Effectiveness: Theory and Practice’.

This conference will bring together researchers from academia, central banks, policy institutions who will present and discuss new results of their research on macroprudential policy effectiveness, monetary and macroprudential policy interaction, alongside research on perspective issues of financial stability, new data and tools in analysis of financial stability.

We invite submissions to the Bank of Russia conference. The call for papers about the conference can be found in Research section of the website

Call for Papers: International Research Conference 2019 ‘Macroprudential Policy Effectiveness: Theory and Practice’

International Research Conference Programme Announcement

The Bank of Russia’s first International Research Conference takes place on 6 June 2018 in the Bank of Russia’s North-Western Main Branch offices in St.  Petersburg.

The conference is aimed at providing further insights in inflation and helping central banks boost the efficiency of their policies.

The conference brings together Russian and foreign academia, economists from central banks and applied research institutes who will make presentations and discuss novel ideas and meaningful results of inflation research across various countries.

Programme Bank of Russia conference June 2018

The program of the international workshop on economic research entitled ‘Macroeconomic Models for Central Banks: Challenges and Perspectives’

Bank of Russia Working Paper Series


Forecasting the implications of foreign exchange reserve accumulation with an agent-based model

The role of regional and sectoral factors in Russian inflation developments

Should Central Banks Prick Asset Price Bubbles? An Analysis Based on a Financial Accelerator Model with an Agent-Based Financial Market

When are credit gap estimates reliable?

Review of Methodological Specifics of Consumer Price Index Seasonal Adjustment in the Bank of Russia

The 2008–2017 Decade in the Russian Banking Sector: Trends and Factors

The 2008–2017 Decade in the Russian Banking Sector: Trends and Factors (Figures)

Systemic Risk and Financial Fragility in the Chinese Economy: A Dynamic Factor Model Approach

Analysis of the debt burden in Russian economy sectors

Fiscal multipliers in Russia

Analytical Notes


Texts of economic news: a useful addition to official statistics?

Impact of the fiscal manoeuvre on GDP growth: estimation of short-term effects using fiscal multipliers

Regional heterogeneity of household lending based on the findings of the household finance survey: regional features and potential risks


Estimating the exchange rate pass-through effect on prices at the micro level

Drivers of price inertia: survey evidence

The Effect of Financial Shock on Russian Short-term Equilibrium Interest Rates

Consumer lending in Russia: prospects and risks based on household finance survey

Exchange rate and competitiveness of the economy • May 2017

Macroeconomic Bulletins

Bulletin ‘Talking Trends’

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