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Mobile app “Bank of Russia Banknotes”

Mobile app

The mobile app contains information about all of the Bank of Russia notes issued since 1997 and their security features.

You can find a specific banknote in the catalogue or use the device camera to scan a banknote or its image to determine its denomination and year of modification.

The app does not verify the authenticity of banknotes, but it helps you do it yourself without using specialized equipment, by following the tips in the app. The app describes four types of security features: those checked against the light, with a magnifying glass, by feeling or by changing the viewing angle.

The app shows where the security features are located on the banknotes and how they should look like.

You can view a demonstration of each security feature by watching a video or by turning the screen of your device as if you were holding a genuine banknote. The app contains descriptions of all the Bank of Russia notes and their security features. Each description is voiced in Russian and English.

The app enables identification of several security features for 1,000- and 5,000-ruble banknotes of the 2010 design and for 2,000-ruble notes.

The new version of the app with information about 100-ruble banknote of 2022 can be downloaded here.

Available on Android and iOS platforms

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Last updated on: 05.04.2024