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Rylsk, Kursk Region

Date of Issue
Catalogue number
Ancient Towns of Russia
Date of Issue
Catalogue number
10 rubles
Material: ring/disk
Brass plated steel/Nickel plated steel
Total weight, g
7.90 (±0.45)
Diameter, mm
27.0 (+0.20) (–0.05)
Thickness, mm
2.10 (±0.25)
Mintage, pcs


in the centre of the disc there is the coin denomination ‘10 РУБЛЕЙ’ (10 RUBLES), inside the figure ‘0’, there are hidden images of the number ‘10’ and the inscription ‘РУБ’ (RUB) visible by turns when the angle of vision changes, below is a mint trade mark; on the ring above there is an inscription ‘БАНК РОССИИ’ (BANK OF RUSSIA), below is the year ‘2022’, on the left and on the right sides of the outer ring of the coin, there are images of laurel and oak branches, respectively, their elements extending onto the disc.


a relief image of the townscape of Rylsk with a view of the Assumption Cathedral, and the inscriptions on the outer ring: ‘ДРЕВНИЕ ГОРОДА РОССИИ’ (ANCIENT TOWNS OF RUSSIA) around the upper circumference and ‘РЫЛЬСК’ (RYLSK) around the lower circumference.


Designer: A.V. Gnidin.
Sculptor: A.V. Gnidin.
Mint: Moscow Mint (ММД).
Edge: 300 corrugations and the inscription "ДЕСЯТЬ РУБЛЕЙ" (TEN RUBLES) recurring twice and divided by asterisks.

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Rylsk located in the Kursk Region is one of the most ancient towns of Russia. It was first mentioned back in 1152, and its name was recorded in the Hypatian Chronicle in connection with the march on Chernigov announced by Rostov-Suzdal Grand Duke Yuri Dolgoruky: ‘Gyurgi marches on Novgorod Seversky and from there he marches on Rylsk’ (Gyurgi is the Slavic form of Yuri).

Sources: http://admrylsk46.ru, https://www.culture.ru

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