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Parameters of the Bank of Russia FX policy mechanism until November 7, 2014

Date Borders of the Bank of Russia floating operational band (as of the end of the day), rubles The volume of FX interventions on or outside the borders*, millions of US dollars per day The cumulative volume of FX interventions, which lead to the shift of the borders**, millions of US dollars Borders shift**, rubles The volume of operations related to the Federal Treasury's operations of accumulating (spending) Russia's sovereign funds in foreign currencies*, millions of US dollars per day
lower border upper border lower border upper border
07.11.2014 39.7 48.7 350 -350 350 0.05
06.11.2014 39.65 48.65 350 -350 350 0.05
05.11.2014 39.6 48.6 350 -350 350 0.05

* «+» - the Bank of Russia FX purchases, «−» - the Bank of Russia FX sales.
** When the cumulative volume of FX purchases (sales) reaches the set level the borders shift automatically down (up) by set value.

For detailed description of the mechanism of the Bank of Russia FX policy implementation please refer to «The Bank of Russia FX policy» subsection of the «Monetary Policy» section of the Bank of Russia website.

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Last updated on: 07.11.2014