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Mikhail Mamuta

Mikhail Mamuta

Born on 29 September 1974 in Voronezh.


He graduated from the Voronezh State University with a degree in nanoelectronics and nanotechnology; then received his second university degree in finance and banking.

Master of Physics (1997).

Candidate of Economic Sciences (2010).


1997–2000: Expert in small business support at the Administration of the Voronezh Region.

2000–2002: Director General of the State Small Business Support Fund of the Voronezh Region; was engaged in the creation and development of one of the first microfinance programmes for small enterprises.

2002–2014: Director and then President of the Russian Microfinance Centre; from April 2006: President of the National Partnership of Microfinance Market Participants.

From 2011: Advisor to the Head of the Federal Financial Markets Service.

2014–2016: Head of the Main Office of Microfinance Market and Financial Inclusion Methodology at the Bank of Russia.

Since April 2016: Head of the Service for Consumer Protection and Financial Inclusion of the Bank of Russia.

Member of the Bank of Russia Board of Directors (since September 2018).

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