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Public Relations Department

The Public Relations Department elaborates and pursues the Bank of Russia’s information policy, is engaged in the implementation of programmes and projects aimed at raising Russians’ financial literacy, and arranges the Bank of Russia’s in-museum and outreach activities increasing awareness about Russia’s finance and banking history.

The objective of the Bank of Russia’s information policy is to promote society’s confidence in the Bank of Russia’s work, develop an efficient system of communication with financial market participants, and provide sufficient knowledge about financial services to Russian citizens in order to develop a financial culture and protect their rights.

The key task of the Bank of Russia’s communication policy is to inform Russians about the role of steadily low inflation for economic growth and social well-being, about the Bank of Russia’s supervision policy for strengthening the resistance of the financial system, as well as about the protection of consumer rights, fraud prevention, and countering misconduct.

In order to ensure the maximum outreach, develop efficient communication with and receive feedback from various target audiences, the Department maintains the Bank of Russia website and the regulator’s accounts on social media.

The Department’s key tasks also comprise the coverage of topical issues related to the development of the Russian economy in general, its individual industries, monetary relations, the banking sector, and financial markets. These topics are covered on the Bank of Russia’s analytical website Econs. and in the Russian Journal of Money and Finance issued by the Bank of Russia.

In its awareness-raising efforts, the Department aims to promote a responsible attitude to money among citizens, develop people’s skills for efficient personal financial management and adequate risk assessment, and expand their knowledge about financial products. In order to address these tasks, the Bank of Russia created its financial literacy website fincult.info. In addition to materials meant for the broad public, this website also contains a special section for financial literacy trainers, methodologists and volunteers.

The Bank of Russia’s museum and exhibition fund was established in 2000. It is dedicated to the history of the central bank, cash circulation and banking in Russia. The fund’s collection of Russian commemorative coins from 1992–2008 is the largest one in the country. The fund’s exhibits comprise medieval coins and coins of the Russian Empire and the USSR, including coins made of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The museum also keeps medals, posters, gold bars, calculating machines, and a lot more. The museum and exhibition fund organises temporary topic-related exhibitions both at the Bank of Russia and on other sites in Moscow.

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