Bank of Russia to Hold an Open Day

On 22 September 2018, the Bank of Russia will open its doors to the public, holding an Open Day across all its regional branches.

These events have become a cultural tradition for national banks in many countries. The Open Day allows anyone to visit the country’s main bank where the most important economic decisions are taken, to learn about the past and present of the country's financial system in a simple and engaging way, to discover some surprising facts about history, and much more.

Visitors will be able to take a guided tour for an in-depth look at the national bank’s history, the country’s money, and the evolution of banks. Also, they will be offered quizzes, quests, workshops, and lectures on financial literacy. In most Russian regions, financial literacy volunteers will tell visitors about their projects related to working with elderly people, children living in foster homes, people with disabilities, and other population groups.

The Bank of Russia building at 12 Neglinnaya street in Moscow will also open its doors for guests. There will be guided tours around the historical part of the building and inside exhibitions. Visitors will have an opportunity to see centuries-old museum items: ancient coins, assignation notes, and gold bullions. They will learn about ancient coins of the Bosporan Kingdom and antique Black Sea settlements and see the rarest ‘family’ ruble of Nicholas I.

Tours will be available for organised groups registered in advance. Although the number of guests is limited, it will be possible to explore the history of the Bank of Russia on other days according to the museums’ schedule.

In Russian regions, you can register for the Open Day visit by contacting your local Bank of Russia office (Main Branch).

11 September 2018

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