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Systemically Important Banks Supervision Department

The Systematically Important Banks Supervision Department was established in 2013. It supervises Russia’s largest banking groups headed by systematically important credit institutions.

The main objective of the Department is the elaboration and implementation of measures aimed at increasing the sustainability of supervised credit institutions. For this purpose, the Department conducts risk-based supervision to promptly identify potential problems and find appropriate supervisory solutions preventing the materialisation of possible risks. This supervisory approach involves the analysis of the development strategies of systemically important credit institutions and their internal capital adequacy assessment procedures, as well as the ongoing assessment of the financial standing of supervised credit institutions and banking groups.

Another important area of the Department’s work is the assessment of financial stability recovery plans developed by systemically important credit institutions and the elaboration of the Bank of Russia’s relevant action plans.

The Department’s employees form supervisory groups comprising supervisors and authorised representatives of the Bank of Russia at credit institutions. This approach enables a comprehensive examination of all main activities of banks and helps to promptly receive up-to-date information needed for supervision.

The Department’s functions also comprise the methodology and validation of models for the quantification of credit institutions’ credit and operational risks.

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Last updated on: 03.12.2021