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Monetary Base (Broad Definition)

Monetary Base (Broad Definition)
in 2016

in billions of rubles

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Monetary base (broad definition)11,043.810,507.110,565.110,974.510,461.710,707.5
—  currency issued (including cash in vaults of credit institutions)18,522.27,971.68,058.77,998.38,260.18,145.2
—  correspondent account balances of credit institutions with the Bank of Russia21,594.01,747.01,773.52,177.41,565.91,825.9
—  required reserves3369.8382.3394.0398.0378.4396.1
—  credit institutions balances on the deposit accounts with the Bank of Russia557.8406.2338.8400.9257.3340.4
—  the Bank of Russia bonds (OBRs) held by banks40.

1Excluding cash in vaults of the Bank of Russia.
2 Balances in correspondent accounts in the currency of the Russian Federation, including averaged amount of the required reserves.
3 Balances in the required reserve accounts deposited by credit institutions with the Bank of Russia against their attracted funds in the currency of the Russian Federation and in foreign currency.
4 Market value.