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Service for ongoing banking supervision

The Service for Ongoing Banking Supervision exercises supervision over credit institutions and banking groups (excluding systemically important credit institutions) in order to maintain the stability of the banking system and protect the interests of depositors and creditors.

The objective of the Service is to exercise continuous supervision over compliance with Russian laws and Bank of Russia regulations by supervised credit institutions and banking groups, as well as the timely identification and mitigation of risks assumed by banks.

For this purpose, supervisors assigned to each credit institution shall do the following:

  • consolidate and analyse all available information about banks’ activities, including data from their statements submitted to the Bank of Russia, in order to ensure the early identification of problems, as well as situations threatening the interests of depositors and creditors;
  • assess banks’ development strategies and business models in order to identify activity areas exposed to maximum risks and to prepare opinions on credit institutions’ viability and competitiveness;
  • prepare proposals on the application of supervisory response measures, and control their implementation.

The Service exercises supervision over credit institutions located across all federal districts of the Russian Federation, which ensures uniform approaches and standards of supervision on a nation-wide scale, and increases the timeliness and efficiency of supervision.

The management of the Service for Ongoing Banking Supervision and all supervisors assigned to credit institutions are located in Moscow. Additionally, there are employees of the Service present in all regions who participate in the supervision of credit institutions, including as the Bank of Russia’s authorised representatives and members of supervisory groups.

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Last updated on: 28.07.2020