Questionnaire "Monetary and financial statistics"

Dear Users!

It’s crucial for us to know your opinion on Monetary and financial statistics data. We would be very pleased if you could share with us your experience and if you could offer some ways on improvement of data dissemination format. For these purposes we invite you to fill the questionnaire that helps us to improve data quality.

1. What is the area of your professional activities?

2. Are you satisfied with the contents of the information:

Monetary Base (Broad Definition)
Money Supply (National Definition)
Central Bank Survey
Credit Institutions Survey
Banking System Survey
Other Financial Institutions Survey
(data covered insurance companies
and private pension funds)
Financial Sector Survey
(data covered banking system,
insurance companies and
private pension funds)
The Bank of Russia Balance Sheet

3. Your recommendations on data presentation and its format

4. Your comments and suggestions on improvement of publications

Thank you for your response and assistance!

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