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Procurement Department

The Procurement Department of the Bank of Russia organises and carries out procurement activities, ensures their legal and methodological support, as well as executes the functional management of procurement divisions in Russia’s regions.

The primary objective of the Procurement Department is to select counterparties capable of meeting their contractual obligations at a high level, within a specified timeframe, and at a fair value. This is important for ensuring the needs of the Bank of Russia’s structural units in terms of goods, works, and services, which are required for them to achieve their goals and perform their functions.

The fundamental document regulating procurement activities at the Bank of Russia is the Regulation on the Procurement at the Bank of Russia published on the regulator’s website.

In order to inform the market and expand the range of suppliers, as well as enhance the competitiveness and transparency of Bank of Russia procurements, the Department prepares the annual procurement plan and publishes it in the public domain on the Bank of Russia website.

The Department is also in charge of the accreditation of suppliers, contractors, and performers, i.e., it examines their legal capacity and compliance with uniform requirements set by the Bank of Russia for procurement participants. The Register of accredited suppliers, contractors, and performers is published on the Bank of Russia website and the electronic trading floor. Valid accreditation of the Bank of Russia enables a market player to submit a simplified set of documents for participation in Bank of Russia procurements.

The Department bears responsibility for assistance rendered to Bank of Russia procurement commissions — collegial bodies in charge of making balanced and informed decisions in the procurement process, provides them with organisational and informational support, and conducts other measures to ensure their full-scale and smooth operation.

Based on Russian and international experience, the Procurement Department moulds a strategy for developing the procurement activities of the Bank of Russia, builds up efficient interaction with suppliers, contractors, and performers, and implements centralised procurement management models and such modern instruments as category management.

The Procurement Department team comprises employees who have professional expertise in various areas of Bank of Russia activity and extensive practical experience in corporate procurements.

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Last updated on: 23.10.2020