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Almost 15 million retail investors in stock market

13 September 2021

In 2021 Q2, private investors continued to show an interest in the stock market as the number of brokerage clients went up 17% to 14.8 million. For more details, refer to the Review of Key Indicators of Professional Securities Market Participants.

However, the growth of client bases decelerated on the back of both the high penetration of brokerage services and the emerging signs of growth in deposit rates.

The value of brokerage clients’ assets totalled 7.2 trillion rubles; assets in trust management totalled 1.2 trillion rubles. Investment interest of brokerage clients has shifted from foreign to Russian securities. In trust management, the highest returns were secured by equity-focused strategies.

Beginning from this quarter, the set of statistics for the Review includes regional breakdown data on clients and their assets.

The recent analysis showed that the share of brokerage clients with non-empty accounts is predominantly determined by the average per capita income in the region. For example, Moscow, the Moscow Region and Saint Petersburg are leaders by both the absolute number of clients / assets and the number of clients per 1,000 population.

Preview photo: Wutzkohphoto / Shutterstock / Fotodom