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Publication of non-financial sector and households debt indicators on bank loans and debt securities

Seeking to improve the information support for its customers, the Bank of Russia has started publishing data illustrating non-financial sector and households debt on bank loans and issued debt securities.

By supplementing quarterly statistics in the system of national accounts, the new data may serve as a more up-to-date indicator for the analysis of sectoral imbalances and risks in the economy. The debt indicator draws on the following sources of information: monetary statistics, securities statistics, as well as reporting by credit institutions and professional securities market participants.

Starting from the data as of 1 January 2016, non-financial sector and households debt indicators on bank loans and debt securities have been published under the heading Monetary and Financial Statistics (Statistics section, Monetary and Financial Statistics sub-section) on the Bank of Russia website and will be updated on a monthly basis within the timeframe set by the Official Statistics Release Calendar.

10 November 2017

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