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Date of Issue
Catalogue number
The Window into Europe
Date of Issue
Catalogue number
25 rubles
Metal, fineness
Silver 900/1000
Total weight, g
173.29 (±0.45)
Fine metal content not less than, g
Diameter, mm
60.00 (±0.50)
Thickness, mm
6.80 (±0.50)
Mintage, pcs


in the centre - the Emblem of the Bank of Russia [the two-headed eagle with wings down, lower - the semicircular inscription - "БАНК РОССИИ" (BANK OF RUSSIA)] framed by a circle of dots and inscriptions along the rim: at the top - "ДВАДЦАТЬ ПЯТЬ РУБЛЕЙ" (TWENTY FIVE RUBLES), at the bottom - the year of issue "2003", the letters to the left indicate the metal sign and the fineness, to the right - the fine metal content and the mint trade mark.


the view of the Shlisselburg Fortress framed by a stylized window-arch, in the foreground - firs, a rider and a couple of unmounted fighting men on a stony river bank, in the background - a floating boat with rowers and a sailing ship. The inscription on a ribbon at the top along the rim - "ШЛИССЕЛЬБУРГ" (SHLISSELBURG).


The artist: A.V.Baklanov.
The sculptor: A.S. Khazov.
Moscow Mint (ММД).
The edge: 252 corrugations.

The Shlisselburg Fortress (Peter Fortress in 1944 - 1992) was founded in 1323 by Novgorod citizens on the Nut Island of the Ladoga Lake situated at the source of the Neva River. In 1611 it was captured by Swedes. During the Northern War of 1700 - 1721 it was taken by storm by Russian troops on October 11, 1702.

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