FINOPOLIS 2018 programme announced

The FINOPOLIS business programme will open on 18 October 2018 with the plenary discussion, ‘New Rivals and New Alliances. FinTech as a Driver of Competitive Market Development’, which is dedicated to technology’s influence on the power dynamics in various economic sectors and public management. The discussion is to be opened by a speech given by Bank of Russia Governor Elvira Nabiullina and attended by leading Russian and foreign experts.

The second plenary discussion, ‘Is Data the New Oil?’, will dwell on the Big Data market, its value, potential and secure use. The business programme of the first day of the forum also includes thematic sessions that will discuss topics such as the development of a speedy payment system and artificial intelligence, technology-driven exchange market transformation, open banking security, innovative technologies in microfinance, as well as the regulator's strategy with regard to technological aspects of the banking sector.

The second day of the programme (19 October) will start with the plenary discussion, ‘FinTech as a Platform: from Pilot Projects to Digital Solutions’ which focusses on the fintech platform’s functions and their business application. The thematic sessions of the second day of the forum will cover the regulation of digital financial assets, people’s technological competencies, the protection of digital financial service consumers, as well as cybersecurity and the outlook for the use of technology in insurance, regulation and supervision.

The FINOPOLIS 2018 business programme is to present a new format: short open lectures given by world experts in digitalisation. On 18 October they will be delivered by George Westerman, a research scientist with the MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy, and Vasant Dhar, a professor at the Stern School of Business and the Center for Data Science at New York University and editor-in-chief of the journal Big Data.

The programme is available on the forum’s website.

FINOPOLIS 2018 will host an exhibition where market leaders and young companies will showcase their fintech projects and achievements. The forum will also host Startup Alley where finalists of the fintech startup competition will be able to meet and network with their potential customers and partners. The final of the startup competition is scheduled for 18 October: ten teams selected in a qualifying round will present their projects in seven-minute pitch sessions, speak about problems and solutions, and introduce the projects’ business models and implementation teams. Three winners will be awarded grants of 1 to 3 million rubles for business development.


Memo item:

The forum of innovative financial technologies FINOPOLIS 2018 will take place in the Olympic Park Main Media Centre in Sochi on 17-19 October.

FINOPOLIS is the country’s largest platform for the discussion and analysis of trends and opportunities for the use of modern digital technologies in the financial sector. The forum participants will include executives of banks and financial institutions, representatives of the regulator and government bodies, heads of insurance and microfinance companies, and Russian and foreign fintech experts.

Alongside its business programme, the FINOPOLIS programme includes FINTECH Youth Day.

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