Professional and expert community discuss draft Guidelines for the Development of the Russian Financial Market in 2019–2021

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The document was discussed in the Central, Southern, North Caucasian, Volga, Urals, Siberian and the Far Eastern Federal Districts. Attending the meetings organised by the regulator were 2000 financial institution representatives; they contributed more than 200 comments and suggestions to the draft.

These covered primarily digitalisation, the marketplace system, insurance market development and the specifics of conduct supervision. Furthermore, market participants and experts were interested in professional judgements, the expansion of proportional regulation, as well as long-term saving, financial literacy and inclusion.

The draft guidelines for the development of the financial market in the next three years was made public at the International Financial Congress. The document outlines the regulator’s goals and principles regarding the development of the financial market, analyses its current condition and outlook, and proposes specific measures aimed at delivering on the set targets. The experience of the past few years shows that a direct dialogue with the public and financial market experts is the best way to find the most effective solutions which meet the interest of all the parties.

The document will be further discussed at meetings, conferences and round tables with businesses, financial institutions and academia.

Please send your comments and suggestions to before or on 15 August 2018.

7 августа 2018 года

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