Key banking sector performance indicators continue to improve in September

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This year January–September saw lending to the economy grow by 4.3%1 with a 2.8% increase in loans to non-financial organisations, notes the information and analytical publication ‘Development of the Russian Banking Sector in September 2017’, available on the Bank of Russia website.

According to the data reported, the value of the corporate portfolio totalled 30.1 trillion rubles. Banks’ retail portfolio went up by 8.4%, reaching a value of 11.7 trillion rubles.

Household deposits showed a 5.2% increase since the start of the year.

The banking sector’s overall profit over the nine months declined compared to the same figure over eight months, dropping to 675 billion rubles. This is due to a one-off negative financial result delivered by banking groups, the parent credit institutions of which are subject to financial resolution under the new mechanism involving funds coming from the Banking Sector Consolidation Fund. Excluding said factor, the banking sector’s profit rose to 1.1 trillion rubles.


1 Relative banking sector indicators are impacted by ruble exchange rate movements, as well as terminations of licences of certain credit institutions (excluding licence terminations following reorganisations). Consequently, to enable a more accurate representation of key banking sector performance indicators, the data excludes the currency effects for credit institutions in operation as of the latest reporting date (including previously reorganised banks).

11 октября 2017 года

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