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Crowdfunding market exceeds 24 billion rubles

21 июня 2022 года

The Bank of Russia has analysed the crowdfunding market for the first time since its regulation began in 2020. During this period, it has demonstrated high growth rates: in 2020, the amount of raised funds was 7 billion rubles, whereas in 2021, it nearly doubled to 13.8 billion rubles. This is reported in the Review of Russia’s Crowdfunding Market.

In 2022 Q1 alone, more than 3 billion rubles were invested through crowdfunding platforms.

According to the review, in 2021, the crowdfunding market significantly expanded in terms of the number of companies authorised to operate in the market, the value of transactions, and the coverage of the customer base. Despite new challenges, the market continued to develop in 2022 Q1. Today, there are already 61 investment platform operators in the market.

The most common type of crowdfunding is crowdlending, that is, peer-to-peer lending to finance projects. First of all, crowdlending is attractive for small and medium-sized businesses that need quick and short-time working capital financing. The share of this segment in 2021 was 64%, or 9.06 billion rubles. In 2022 Q1, the amount of loans totalled 2.29 billion rubles. Companies raised investments at 15–35% per annum.

The second type of crowdfunding is crowdinvesting, which is a collective investment in companies through the purchase of their securities. In 2021, issuers could raise 4.74 billion rubles in such a way, in 2022 Q1 — 1.06 billion rubles.

Amid declining capital market volumes and investment opportunities, crowdfunding is becoming a new and promising financial instrument for many investors and borrowers. A high level of competition in the market improves the quality of services provided by investment platform operators.

Photo: Monster Ztudio / Shutterstock / Fotodom