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economies. Markets were also influenced by the restrictive policies associated with the coronavirus pandemic in China, as well as by the crisis in the real
include a faster reopening of borders and the potential emergence of new coronavirus strains. If the situation develops not in line with our baseline scenario,
in spring. Both households and businesses adjusted faster to the resurgence of coronavirus cases. Consumer demand was not affected. External demand for Russian exports at
taking into consideration the global political and socio-economic consequences of the new coronavirus pandemic. BRICS is an informal association of five major emerging national economies:
rose over the short-term horizon Disinflationary risks are mostly associated with further coronavirus spread trends in Russia and abroad. Short-term proinflationary risks are primarily caused
and efficiency of measures being implemented to mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and to overcome structural constraints. If the situation develops in line
that have affected the situation the most are largely associated with the coronavirus pandemic: • the implementation of restrictions and the downturn in the global economy
not materialised. However, the situation remains uncertain. New challenges have emerged. The coronavirus problem is affecting the economic situation in both individual countries and the
the Bank of Russia, including those introduced in the wake of the coronavirus infection. Due to changes in external economic conditions, the Bank of Russia
representative in terms of the structure of the economy due to the coronavirus pandemic, data for 2015–2018 are actually most relevant. 5 Berezinskaya and