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Restructuring loans to individual and companies: Bank of Russia statistics

17 August 2020

From 30 July to 12 August the number of individuals and SMEs applying for loan restructuring continued to decline.

Individuals filed 74 thousand applications, as compared to 82 thousand within the previous reporting period from 16 to 29 July. Banks approved roughly the same share of applications received throughout the monitoring period (from 20 March to 12 August), that is 61.5% of total applications reviewed.

The number of SMEs who applied for loan restructuring from 30 July to 12 August totalled 1.6 thousand (versus 1.7 thousand applicants within the previous two weeks). In total, 73.3% of reviewed applications submitted by SMEs during the whole monitoring period were approved.

Detailed statistics are available in the information bulletin ’Restructuring loans to individuals and companies’.