Bank of Russia to hold first procurement conference

Photo: William Potter / shutterstock

The Bank of Russia invites its current and potential suppliers to a procurement conference to be held in Moscow on 30 October. The venue is 13 Bolshoy Kislovskiy lane.

At the event, Bank of Russia representatives will overview the regulator’s procurement development strategy. In particular, guests will learn about changes in the procurement system and its new model, requirements for suppliers and methods to enhance cooperation efficacy. A special section will be dedicated to the joined efforts aimed at implementing the Bank of Russia’s IT strategy and changes in approaches to managing real estate and other categories of goods, works and services in the Bank of Russia.

The conference will provide guidance on how to become a Bank of Russia supplier.

Registration to the conference is open from 17 September. To participate, please fill in the application form and send it to conference organisers.

17 September 2018

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