Financial education for people with disabilities to become more accessible

Photo: YAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV / shutterstock

The Bank of Russia and the Russian State Social University signed on 3 August 2018 a cooperation agreement aimed at socialisation and social integration of people with disabilities, including through improved financial literacy, and increased accessibility of high-quality professional education in finance.

Key focus areas of this partnership include joint efforts to hold a national professional excellence championship for people with disabilities (the national Abilympics). BoR representatives sit on the contest’ organising committee. The Fourth All-Russian Congress of Financial Awareness Volunteers came to an understanding that the Abilympics movement volunteers would be involved in the efforts to improve financial literacy of people with disabilities.

The mega-regulator and university agreement also provides for various educational and business events and competitions for people with disabilities and other socially vulnerable citizens, employment assistance to graduates with disabilities and their occupational guidance in the financial sector.

3 August 2018

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