Commemorative coins dedicated to ‘Just You Wait!’ animated film to be issued

On 31 July 2018, the Bank of Russia issues ‘Just You Wait!’ («Ну, погоди!») commemorative coins of the Russian (Soviet) Animation series made of precious and base metals.

The Bank of Russia issues silver proof coins in denomination of 3 rubles (mintage 3,000 pcs) and base metal coins in denomination of 25 rubles in a regular and special edition design. The mintage of the regular edition coin is 450 thousand pcs and the mintage of the special edition (coloured) coin is 50 thousand pcs.

The reverse side of the coins depicts a scene from the animated film featuring the Wolf and the Hare with the «Ну, погоди!» (‘Just You Wait!’) inscription above along the rim.

31 July 2018

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