Bank of Russia launches Vkontakte page

The Bank of Russia launched on 6 July its official page on Vkontakte (ВКонтакте), a social media platform.

The regulator's new account will serve as an additional source of information about Bank of Russia activities. There are plans to post major financial news, helpful information for financial consumers and curious events in history.

‘Present-day social media offer indispensable opportunities for an effective dialogue with society – which is why the expansion in our communication channels makes perfect sense’, BoR Public Relations Department Director Marina Ryklina noted. ‘Vkontakte is the most popular social media site in Russia. It is critical that we not only receive its users’ feedback but also offer them a useful and readable resource’.

The launch is the latest addition to the Bank of Russia's Facebook and Twitter pages and YouTube channel.

6 July 2018

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