NPF pension savings up by 8.2%

Photo: Robert Kneschke / shutterstock

According to the statements of non-governmental pension funds (NPFs), the volume of NPF pension savings grew by more than 200 billion rubles and reached 2.6 trillion rubles over the first quarter.

The key contribution to this growth was made by the transfer of funds from the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (PFR) totalling 163 billion rubles as part of the overall 2017 transition campaign. The number of the insured holding their pension savings at NPFs reached 37.1 million individuals (+8.0%). This was also due to customers’ switching between funds in the framework of the transition campaign (2.8 million individuals). The 2017 transition campaign was less numerous compared to the previous year, when the PFR transferred to NPFs the pension savings of 4.6 million individuals worth 234 billion rubles.

NPF pension reserves stood at 1.2 trillion rubles (+2.8% over the quarter). At the same time, the number of individuals insured under the voluntary pension system increased by 2.6% to 6.2 million. As a result, from the start of 2018, the total volume of NPF funds has grown by 6.5% to 3.9 trillion rubles.

1 June 2018

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