Bank of Russia’ Payment Order Suite goes live

Photo: Andrey_Popov / shutterstock

The Bank of Russia's Payment Order Suite (Russian: Конструктор платежных поручений) goes live on 15 January.  The software helps fill in documents related to the payment of state duties. Thanks to an inbuilt quick-reference guide of bank details, users are now able to select field values they need from a given list. This minimises the risk of error when bank details are entered, streamlining the overall procedure for completing payment orders.

The suite enables users to generate payment orders to pay state duties including registration fees payable on credit institution registration, or fees payable on registration of amendments to a lender's charter / state registration of a non-governmental pension fund / amendments made to its charter. The functionality extends to the generation of payment documents in connection with registration fees payable on actions related to the issue of permits for the placement / circulation of issued securities etc.

The program further enables users to generate a payment order in a required format, print it / send to email etc., and, going forwards, use the best payment option.

15 January 2018

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