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Brokerage account balances reach nearly 7.7 trillion rubles: 2021 Q3 results

7 December 2021

In 2021 Q3, the number of brokerage clients increased by 15% to 17.1 million, which is a fifth of the country’s economically active population, according to the Review of Key Indicators of Professional Securities Market Participants.

The value of retail investors’ assets (including individual investment accounts, IIAs) in brokerage accounts rose by 8% to 7.7 trillion rubles. The portion of clients with zero account balances remained almost unchanged in 2021 Q3, staying at 63%. Furthermore, assets held by over 19% of clients did not exceed 10,000 rubles. Owing to marketing campaigns (cashback and bonuses for investment), the client base in trust management expanded by 11% to 669,000 persons. However, this did not cause a similar rise in the portfolios.

The growth rates of the number of IIAs remained at their all-time low. This was largely because the accounts opened more than three years before were closed over the period under review. The number of IIAs reached 4.4 million in Q3, and assets in these accounts totalled 0.5 trillion rubles.