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Bank of Russia and Roskomnadzor: borrowers are to decide who may access their personal data

2 August 2021

Creditors are advised to request borrowers’ separate consent to personal data processing in relation to every person who may get such access. These recommendations are given in the joint letter of the Bank of Russia and the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor).

Furthermore, it is recommended to request individuals’ separate consent to biometric data processing, as well as if banks or other creditors are going to use clients’ personal data to promote any goods, works, or services. The Bank of Russia and Roskomnadzor recommend that creditors should not propose borrowers to permit an unlimited validity or automatic extension of their consent. The stipulated period of consent shall conform to a particular objective of personal data receipt.

Currently, when issuing consumer loans, some creditors tend to use very broad language. As a result, putting one signature, a borrower thus gives consent to personal data transfer not only to the creditor, but also to other persons, and in some cases — even to an unlimited number of people. Consequently, information might be used, among other things, for advertising and other purposes not related to the disbursement and repayments, including even a long time after the debt is completely repaid.

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