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On fraud using international plastic cards

The Bank of Russia’s External and Public Relations Department communicates that recently the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has been contacted by international cardholders asking for explanations regarding the messages sent to their e-mail addresses by unknown persons.

According to these messages, a certain Federal Bank Operations Authority announces a special offer dedicated to the World Football Championship. International cardholders are required to register at, fill in the form and take part in a drawing for 10,000 valuable prizes, including a Ford Focus 3 and a vacation on the Mediterranean Sea.

Fraudsters assure customers that the Bank of Russia supports the prize offer, and the e-mails sent to the bank cardholders are signed by the Federal Bank Operations Authority under the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Law-enforcement agencies have been informed about this scam.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has nothing to do with the above activities. If you receive messages from state authorities to take part in a prize drawing, please immediately contact law-enforcement agencies.

28 June 2010

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