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On fraud with money transfers

The Bank of Russia’s External and Public Relations Department communicates that recently the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has been receiving appeals (including via the Internet) of citizens aggrieved by the actions of fraudsters offering to illegally obtain large amounts of money of dubious origin.

These fraudsters offer to transfer money to the victim’s bank account and then to transfer this money to foreign banks for a fee. They use this scheme to steal money from Russian citizens.

It should be noted that in many cases fraudsters attach the logos of Russian state authorities, the Bank of Russia, or Sberbank of Russia to forged letters with their messages. Questionable offers are often made allegedly on behalf of bank supervisory authorities of a number of African countries.

In view of the information above, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation calls on citizens to immediately inform law-enforcement agencies in the event they receive such offers.

28 October 2010

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