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On applications from citizens

13 December 2011
Press release

The Bank of Russia’s External and Public Relations Department communicates that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation continues to receive complaints from people regarding monetary compensation for earlier purchased medicines, nutritional supplements, and other types of goods.

Fraudulent offers of compensation are made by persons who introduce themselves as the employees of the Bank of Russia and various federal executive authorities, but who in fact have nothing to do with these organisations.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has already drawn attention to similar illegal actions of fraudsters (information was published on the Bank of Russia’s website on 5 May 2010).

It should be noted that recently fraudsters have substantially expanded the geography of their criminal activities and changed the tactics of their behaviour with people. Now, attention is often focused on the information about unscrupulous distributors of nutritional supplements and other goods, who have already been convicted and sentenced. Then comes an assurance that even if the goods were purchased from vendors who no longer operate, the buyers are entitled to monetary compensation.

In other respects, the scheme remains the same, with some variations, including a reference to the Bank of Russia that will, as they assure, transfer monetary compensations to the pensioners’ accounts or issue such compensation in cash based on various grounds, including for the purchased nutritional supplements or other goods. To receive this compensation, however, the victims have to urgently make a prepayment for ‘taxes’, ‘insurance premiums’, or ‘state duty’ and provide their passport data.

The Bank of Russia repeats that it has nothing to do with the above activities. If you receive any offer on behalf of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation or federal executive authorities regarding any type of compensation for purchased goods, including nutritional supplements, immediately contact law-enforcement agencies.

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