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Additional information on transactions conducted by Ronin Europe Ltd in FX market

1 October 2018
Press release

In the follow up of the investigation of insider trading in the FX market the Bank of Russia received additional information from Ronin Europe Ltd, a non-resident investment company. According to this information, the transactions mentioned in the press release of 29 May 2018 were conducted by Ronin Europe Ltd solely on behalf and at the expense of its client Takra Management Limited, the company registered in the British Virgin Islands, to which Kirill Semeshkin was an authorized representative.

The Bank of Russia draws the attention of persons conducting transactions at organised trading in the Russian Federation, including non-residents, that they should ensure maximum transparency of their trading activity to the Bank of Russia and any financial market regulator providing assistance in the Bank of Russia investigation.

The Bank of Russia thanks and acknowledges the kindest assistance of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in the investigation.

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