Investor Relations Program

Under the Investor Relations Program the Bank of Russia (BoR) holds regular meetings with institutional investors. These meetings are arranged in order to increase information transparency and to improve the understanding of BoR monetary policy as part of the transition to inflation targeting.

The meetings are held four times a year. The number of participants is limited and not all requests can be accepted. The meetings are held on the Bank of Russia premises: 12 Neglinnaya st., Moscow, Russia unless other place and venue are specified. If you are interested in taking part in meetings with investors, please send a request at investormeetings@mail.cbr.ru.

Participants shall be informed that meetings take place on a strict background basis, i.e. no direct reference to the meeting or quoting of the Bank of Russia officials is permitted in any printed material, either for public or restricted circulation.

Schedule of meetings for 2017

Investor Relations officer:

Ms. Ekaterina Kuznetsova

Tel.: +7 (495) 957-89-24

Email: investormeetings@mail.cbr.ru

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