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According to the Bank of Russia’s preliminary estimate, the current account surplus of the balance of payments of the Russian Federation in January — April 2022 continued to grow and amounted to $95.8 billion, increased more than 3.5 times compared to the corresponding period of 2021.

Key Aggregates in details:

— current account dynamics was determined by widening of surplus in the balance of goods and services amid a decline in imports;

— total deficit of other components of the current account increased due to investment income paid to non-residents by other sectors;

— in financial account of the balance of payments, expansion of assets exceeded growth of liabilities.

Billions of US dollars
Aggregates January-April 2022
January-April 2021
Current account 95.8 27.5
Balance on goods and services 106.5 35.2
Balance on primary and secondary income -10.7 -7.6
Department responsible for publication: Statistics Department
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Last updated on: 16.05.2022