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imgBank of Russia issues new commemorative coins21/11/2017

imgThe Bank of Russia authorises use of internal ratings-based approach for the first time20/11/2017

imgInflation declines ahead of forecast17/11/2017

imgBasic standard of financial market operations for management companies approved by the Bank of Russia16/11/2017

imgGrowth in structural liquidity surplus in October constrained by tax payments16/11/2017

imgComparison system for rating scales: proposals from the regulator15/11/2017

imgBanking sector’s conservative provisioning policies shape moderate profit growth in January-October 201715/11/2017

imgAudit services market: accent on reform15/11/2017

imgMoscow hosts Bank of Russia conference on financial market regulation14/11/2017

imgMechanism created to strike off data on bona fide bank customers from refusals database13/11/2017

imgSituation in the financial sphere reflects positive trends in the real economy10/11/2017

imgBank of Russia Governor and the board of Association “Russia” discussed the development of competition in the banking sector09/11/2017

imgAmount of new mortgage loans issued by banks grew by 25% year on year over nine months in 201707/11/2017

imgBusiness financing: online marathon for young entrepreneurs03/11/2017

imgBank of Russia approves unified standards for SME lending02/11/2017

imgBank of Russia updates credit risk assessment procedure for securitisation framework01/11/2017

imgBank of Russia develops big data-based leading indicator01/11/2017

imgExchange trading in oil products: a new stage01/11/2017

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