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Ekaterina Prokunina

Yekaterina Prokunina

Born on 1 July 1963 in Moscow.


She graduated from the Plekhanov Moscow Institute of the National Economy. Candidate of Economic Sciences.


Her career began in the State Statistics Committee where she headed the Department of Price and Finance Statistics.

She joined the Bank of Russia in 1996 and as Head of Division and, later on, as Deputy Director of the General Economic Department was one of the originators of macroeconomic financial statistics and one of the creators of the modern system of statistics development and publication. In August 2013, Ekaterina Prokunina was appointed Director of the Statistics Department.

She represents the Bank of Russia in Russian and international organisations as a member of the Bureau of the Scientific and Methodological Council of the Federal State Statistics Service, the Advisory Committee for Statistics under the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission, the Irving Fisher Committee on Central Bank Statistics at the Bank for International Settlements and is a coordinator in the international organisations’ G20 Data Gaps Initiative. She is involved in the activities of working groups hosted by the Bank of Russia as Deputy Head of the standing Working Group (consisting of Bank of Russia representatives and financial market participants) on the development of statistical activity in the Bank of Russia and reporting optimisation, and as a member of the Bank of Russia’s Data Management Committee and the Editorial Board of the Bank of Russia.


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