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Banking Supervision Support Department

The Banking Supervision Support Department analyses the current state and outlook of the banking sector and its segments to enable the elaboration of policy decisions in the sphere of banking supervision and the development of its regulations.

In doing so, the Department employs various instruments for monitoring credit institutions’ risks and, among other things, organises and conducts stress testing of credit institutions and the banking sector in general. It also develops the methodology of stress testing.

Acting in collaboration with the banking supervision units and seeking to optimise banking supervision processes, the Department works out uniform standards of supervision over credit institutions and bank groups.

The key objectives of the Department, among other things, include participation in the elaboration of the Bank of Russia’s information policy in the sphere of banking supervision and coordination of the efforts of the banking supervision units aimed at its implementation, and also interaction with credit institutions and their associations, state authorities of the Russian Federation, foreign banking supervisors, international and foreign organisations, and the State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency.

For information purposes, the Department prepares statistical, analytical and other materials on the state of the banking sector and publishes them on the Bank of Russia website.

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Last updated on: 28/07/2020