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Ivan Zimin

Ivan Zimin

Born on 20 March 1989 in Moscow.


2010: received a degree in jurisprudence from the Russian Law Academy under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.


In 2012–2015, he worked in the Legal Department of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of Russia; headed the section responsible for the development of a single information environment and legal support for information security issues.

In 2015, he joined the Bank of Russia. He held the position of Deputy Director of the Financial Technology Department (FTD). From July 2018, he was acting Director of the FTD. In 2019, he was promoted to the post of Director of the FTD.

As part of his duties, Ivan Zimin coordinates the implementation of projects for the development of digital financial infrastructure, development and deployment of innovative technologies in the financial market and in the Bank of Russia, as well as the legal regulation in the sphere of digital technologies.

During Ivan Zimin’s career at the Bank of Russia, the following accomplishments have been achieved: the launch of a remote identification mechanism in the financial market on the basis of biometric technologies, as well as the regulatory sandbox — a mechanism for piloting innovative services.

At present, the Financial Technology Department headed by Ivan Zimin is focused on the creation and improvement of the digital profile platform and distributed ledger technology-based solutions, as well as implements new infrastructure projects.

In order to enhance the legal regulation in the sphere of digital technologies, the Financial Technology Department, under the leadership of Ivan Zimin, elaborates the legal framework for the turnover of digital financial assets, storage and use of electronic documents while ensuring their full legal capacity, as well as for other spheres.

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