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Financial messaging system of the Bank of Russia (SPFS)

The financial messaging system of the Bank of Russia (SPFS) is channel for exchange electronic messages on financial transactions (financial messages). The SPFS guarantees the uninterrupted transmission of financial messages within the country. Settlements between the SPFS users have to be conducted via bilateral correspondent relations.

Credit institutions and their corporate customers are connected to the SPFS when they are technically ready and establish contractual arrangements with the Bank of Russia. The procedure is defined by a special Bank of Russia regulation.

In order to interact using the SPFS, foreign institutions should submit a completed application form (see below) and copies of documents confirming their registration as legal entities (translated into Russian, certified by apostille) by e-mail to SPFS@cbr.ru.

The Bank of Russia publishes descriptions of message formats and schemes based on the ISO 20022 messages for use in interactions between banks and their corporate customers within the Bank of Russia financial messaging system.

Department responsible for publication: National Payment System Department
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Last updated on: 27.04.2022