Alexey Simanovskiy

Born: 6 September 1955; Moscow.

Married, has four children.


1978: Graduated from the Moscow Financial Institute.

Doctor of Sciences (Economics).

Speaks English.


Awarded the title of Merited Economist of the Russian Federation.

1972–1973: Lighting operator at the Moscow Taganka Drama and Comedy Theatre.

1973–1978: Student of the Moscow Financial Institute.

1978–1981: Economist, senior economist at the Russian Federation Finance Ministry’s Local Economy and Transport Financing Department, Moscow.

1981–1986: Head of the finance department of the Car Service Organisation Rosavtotekhobsluzhivaniye, Moscow.

1986–1992: Senior economist, senior consultant, chief economist at the Economic Reform Division and section head at the Credit and Settlement Methodology Division of the USSR State Bank.

1992–1996: Deputy head of the Moscow branch of the Bank of Russia.

1996–2001: Director of the Bank of Russia Prudential Banking Supervision Department.

2001–2002: Director of the Bank of Russia Banking Regulation and Control Department.

2002–2011: Director of the Bank of Russia Banking Regulation and Supervision Department.

2011–2012: Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia.

From February 2, 2012 to October 16, 2016: First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia.

From October 17, 2016: Adviser to the Governor of the Bank of Russia.

Member of the Bank of Russia Board of Directors (since 18 October 2013).

On the allocation of duties between the Bank of Russia Governor and Deputy Governors