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Structural Units of the Bank of Russia

Allocation of Responsibilities between Bank of Russia Deputy Governors to Manage Structural Divisions

On the allocation of duties between the Bank of Russia Governor and Deputy Governors
Head Office
Secretariat of the Bank of Russia Governor
Bank of Russia Executive Office
General Economic Department
Statistics Department
Cash Circulation Department
National Payment System Department
Accounting & Reporting Department
Credit Institutions Licensing & Financial Rehabilitation Department
Central Catalogue of Credit Histories*
Banking Supervision Department
Banking Regulation Department
Systematically Important Banks Supervision Department
Bank of Russia Chief Inspection
Market Operations Department
Market Services Department
Financial Stability Department
Financial Monitoring & Foreign Exchange Control Department
Monetary Policy Department
Financial Market Development Department
Financial Market Access Department
Insurance Market Department
Collective Investment and Trust Management Department
Securities Market and Commodity Market Department
Main Office of Microfinance Market and Financial Accessibility Methodology
Non-credit Financial Institutions’ Statements Collection and Processing Department
Main Office for Countering Malpractice in Financial Markets
Bank of Russia Service for Protection of Financial Services Consumers and Minority Shareholders
Legal Department
Field Institutions Department
IT and Telecommunications Department
Human Resources & Personnel Management Department
Financial Department
Internal Auditing Department
International Cooperation & Public Communications Department
Bank of Russia Press Service
Administrative Department
Main Office of the Bank of Russia Real Estate
Main Office of the Bank of Russia Capital Expenditure Review and Planning
Main Office of Security and Information Protection

* Established in compliance with Federal Law No. 218-FZ, dated 30 December 2004, ‘On Credit Histories’.